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Bidoof is a Normal-type Plump Mouse Pokémon.

It evolves into Bibarel starting at level 15.


Bidoof is a brown, rodent-like Pokémon with four short legs. It has a short, dark brown snout and a small, red nose. Cream-colored markings cover its underside and surround its face. Round tufts of fur form its tail with five on the male and three on the female. Similar tufts line the bottom of its face and two singular ones form its ears. Bidoof's black paws have three toes with some webbing between them. Protruding from Bidoof's upper jaw are large incisors, which it uses for gnawing on wood and rocks. These teeth grow constantly, so this Pokémon needs to gnaw on hard substances to keep them ground down. This Pokémon can be found nesting in groups near bodies of water. Despite its stout body, this Pokémon can be agile and is not easily perturbed.