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Bibarel is a Normal-type Beaver Pokémon.

It evolved form of Bidoof.


Bibarel is a bulky, bipedal Pokémon similar to a beaver. Brown fur covers most of this Pokémon with a tan circle on its chest. Its face is covered by a tan mask with a rounded extension over each eye; the male will have an additional extension to the side of each eye. While its forepaws are small and slightly webbed, its hind paws are larger and more rounded. Both sets of paws are black with three toes, but the hind paws have circular, tan paw pads. Bibarel's large, flat tail is black with a tan, wavy marking near the tip. Rounded tufts of fur line each side of its face. Its short, dark brown snout has a small red nose and protruding upper incisors. These teeth are used for chewing trees. This Pokémon is known to be an industrious worker that dams rivers by building its nest. However, a river dammed by Bibarel will never overflow. It is slow moving and awkward out of water, but a swift swimmer.